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I met Lisa randomly at a drop-in open house months before I planned to move to Chicago. Her kind smile, quickly-apparent expertise, and genuine desire to set assist led me to work with her when the time came, no questions asked! She sent several properties our way, constantly updating our search based on our (ever-changing) list of desires. I am so thankful she was there to walk us through every step of this process and to snag us an INCREDIBLE deal! Thank you Lisa!!
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Chicago Real Estate Expert | Lisa Petrik

With a longstanding love of negotiations, and a love for the city’s diverse culture and amazing architecture, Lisa joined the industry after spending fourteen years running and managing a successful newspaper publication where she sharpened her skills as an entrepreneur and a master negotiator. Never afraid of a challenge, Lisa loves meeting new people as well as discovering great homes. Lisa upholds the highest standards of service and believes in the efficient use of time to streamline the often intricate real estate process.

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